RE: [ha] Introductions

KWi (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 22:46:12 +0200

> I am curious where the majority of people are located.

Just subscribed, don't know how long this list has existed.

I'm from Finland. I work for Nokia Telecommunications and currently develop
hardware related software for mobile phone base stations.
Previously I worked for Fujitsu ICL making test software for PC production.

As a hobby I have played around mostly with 8051 derivatives, since I have
some around.

I have started my own HA design some months back. My problem is, that often I
want to do things my way, and using components I have, so I started from
scratch without any real knowledge of exisitng systems.
I'm just now making a first proto of my "mains node", which will control two
mains devices (power control for lights or heaters), and handles some input
functions also. It is based on Atmel 89c2051 microcontroller.
The system communicates through a custom serial interface, don't want to use
mains for it. Propably uses separate telephone wire around the house (all
nodes in parallel).
I'm just making up a simple packet based communication protocol.


Krister Wikstrom