[ha] Home Brew functional spec, addition

Jon Payne.at.csi (Payne.at.csi")
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 19:51:07 -0500

In addition to the items listed in the working specification paper at
http://ha.ro.nu/ , I would like to add a requirement for low power two way
RF communication to allow a special X10 module to "talk" to non X10 devices.
For example; wouldn't it be useful to unlock your door to your vacation home
remotely to admit a maintenance worker? Kwikset and other lock companies
have stand alone battery operated locks that use keyless remotes to
lock/unlock. Imagine making a phone call to the house, entering a code and
the door unlocks.

Now we all know we can do this now with an electric "buzzer" release, but
this proposed method would avoid wires and major installation and frame
cutting. Perhaps an X10 module could act as a repeater. One would be placed
near each door to be controlled in this manner.