RE: [ha] Introductions

Keith Doxey (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 11:34:53 -0000

> >> I am curious where the majority of people are located. I am in
> >> Michigan, US. It seems (maybe it's just me) that quite a few people on
> >> this list are from the UK.
> >>

I have to confess to being from the UK as well :-))
Great Yarmouth on the East Coast.

One possible explanation for so many UK subscribers could be that we
are more likely to want to build our own systems due to the lack of
availability and high cost of commercial systems and modules.

The current UK price for Appliance and Lamp modules is 30UKP which
is approximately 45USD. That doesn't make it easy to have lots of X10
controlled lamps. By comparison, the ability to buy X10 modules for
around 10 dollars doesn't make it that attractive to build your own system,
unless you are the kind of person who will build it *because he can* even though
it may cost more than off the shelf units.

My comments about the UK are equally valid for any other 220/240 volt area of
the globe. Europe, Australia etc.



Keith Doxey
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