[ha] Introductions

Adam Davis (adavis.at.baladyne.com)
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 09:57:03 -0500

I am studying EE and Computer engineering as a student, working
full-time as a programmer (VB, VC++), and 'hobbying' in microcontroller
networking and lighting control. 3-4 years ago a friend started a DJ
service, and has been helping the local theater productions. He has
come to me to develop light controllers for various applications.
I've worked with DMX-512(a theater lighting protocol, not really useful
in this application) and have built and used uC controlled dimmers and
light controllers.
I've always enjoyed designing circuitry which interfaced the 'real
world' with computers and digital electronics. Unfortunately, I live in
an apt. now, so many things will be designed, but few built. I hope
that I can gain much from this group, and I am happy to contribute what
I can.

I am curious where the majority of people are located. I am in
Michigan, US. It seems (maybe it's just me) that quite a few people on
this list are from the UK.

Have a good day(afternoon, evening, night, etc)!