Re: [ha] Introductions
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 11:26:02 -0600


Greetings and salutations from a HA user/dealer in sunny South Texas.

Our small family business designs, sells and installs electronic
automatic control systems, accent lighting and solar products and systems
for residential and light commercial structures. As we always claim our
products and services provide convenience, safety and energy savings to
our clients.

We market our products and services at this time from our showroom, with
our Alternative Energy Catalog and on the Internet at

We are an authorized Engineering Services Center for ACT powerline
carrier control products, we are a Siemens Power Pro dealer and we have
been a Real Goods Local Pro since April of 1996.

ACT is one of the few US manufacturers of control products that are
international compatible and will function on 220VAC power systems. We
have used and installed ACT products in our community for the last five
years. So far we have only had to replace or warrant one.

I participate in a number of these user/news groups. It helps me to
monitor market activity and interests. I also obtain great ideas from
other users that we often suggest to our existing and potential clients.

Ultimately we enjoy our job and this industry a great deal despite it's
shaky history.

Steve Shepard
SBT Automation
210-698-7109 Fax:210-698-7147

On Tue, 01 Dec 1998 09:57:03 -0500 Adam Davis <>
>I am studying EE and Computer engineering as a student, working
>full-time as a programmer (VB, VC++), and 'hobbying' in
>networking and lighting control. 3-4 years ago a friend started a DJ
>service, and has been helping the local theater productions. He has
>come to me to develop light controllers for various applications.
>I've worked with DMX-512(a theater lighting protocol, not really
>in this application) and have built and used uC controlled dimmers
>light controllers.
>I've always enjoyed designing circuitry which interfaced the 'real
>world' with computers and digital electronics. Unfortunately, I live
>an apt. now, so many things will be designed, but few built. I hope
>that I can gain much from this group, and I am happy to contribute
>I can.
>I am curious where the majority of people are located. I am in
>Michigan, US. It seems (maybe it's just me) that quite a few people
>this list are from the UK.
>Have a good day(afternoon, evening, night, etc)!

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