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I am an old Electronics Engineer from England.

I live in the North-West of England, about 20 miles from Manchester &

I got my first degree ( B.Sc. in electronics in 1973, and my M.SC a year
later ) , seems like an aeon ago.

I built an Apple2 clone when apple was king, have all editions of Circuit
Cellar Ink.

I have a house full of computers and electronics, and am into low power RF

I have been working mostly with PIC micro's for the past 3 years, and have
emulators and C compilers at home.

I have a French wife, and a house in France, which we are renovating, with a
view to retiring in about 5 years time.

I worked for DEC in the 1970's, and have travelled in the States on business
a few times.

DEC was really a great company to work for, and I doubt that we shall see
its like again.

It seemed to embody all that was good about the USA and responsible free

Anyway, that's me.

If I can help anyone ( besides lending money, then I will )

p.s. my age is 49, but I still have the enthusiasm I had for Electronics
when I was a boy.


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> As there are so many of us now (over 50 at the last count), it might
> be a good idea for us to introduce ourselves.

Okay, I've recently bought a 1940-ish house and am beginning renovations. I
plan to gradually automate various things and am just starting to map out
what I'll do. This will be my first crack at home automation; I've been
reading lots about it over the past several months, but it's all still
quite new to me.

- Kennedy