Re: [ha] wired home network using CAN

Steve Letkeman (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 18:36:19 -0600

>I can honestly say I've never heard about this - except for reading your
>earlier threads when this list was opened.
oh oh...there I go repeating myself. Actually, I've done a significant
amount of HA CAN work since the last time I repeated myself.;-)

>I'm open to anything - I agree with you when you infer that RS-485 is
>not fast enough, for that matter, Powerline modems are even worse - but
>as you say they all have their place. CAN does sound interesting - as
>for it looking after transfer of information that sounds very good. I
>assume that by this you mean that it waits for clear line - is it full
>duplex ?
The CAN protocol uses identifiers, the smaller the ID the higher the
priority. When you send a message, you specify the ID (who you want
to receive it) and the CAN device sends it. If another device starts
to send at exactly the same instant, the device sending the higher
priority ID wins and it's message gets through, first time, no collision
(for it) and the loser gets to try again. This is very simplified but what
it means for the programmer is that a lot of programming issues
are taken care of.

>As I say - I'm interested in pursuing this as I know you are keen to.
>Perhaps you could advise me of some decent reading material on the topic

Start here Dan,

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