[ha] Good ideas at work here, but......

John Mullan (jmullan.at.cgocable.net)
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 17:13:50 -0400

Hi gang:

The whole theory here sounds like it is developing well. I am looking
forward to participating in this group. For the last year or so I've
wanted to develop some of my own stuff based around X10 but find it
difficult getting anywhere hardware wise because, in part, of my own lack
of abilities and the inability of getting any proprietary integrated

So here's the BUT......

I think we should get a group started on the actual interfaces that will be
used to integrate the various planned media types.

This will enable people to start testing various protocol ideas. No sense
testing protocols without working transmission types (in my humble

Once we have some successful interfaces, we can use just about any type of
device to set the media types (see diagram below). This way we can use
microcontrollers with LCD or LED displays (or even PCs via serial ports) to
verify transmission and reception. This would lead naturally to testing

Diagram (you may want to maximize your window)

---------------- ----------------- ------------------ ----------------
Device A --------------- Interface A <----------> Interface B
-------------- Device B
---------------- ----------------- ------------------ ----------------

I am more than willing to build some device/interface prototypes if someone
is willing to help design some. I imagine that powerline interfaces will
be a good one to try but not sure how to develop modulated carrier
circuits. I CAN use microcontrollers (most notably PIC series) so please,
if you are willing to co-operate via internet, and can offer some circuit
snippets to help with super-imposing data onto the power-line, please drop
me a line.

John Mullan