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Saw this on comp.arch.hobbyist, thought it was appropriate.


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wow. thanks. :)

ErikLBrown wrote:

> The Freedom CPU project has recently shown some more activity. They appear to
> be revamping their web site at http://f-cpu.tux.org. Their goal is to create a
> freely-available CPU design that anyone can download from the net and take to a
> fab. One unofficial sub-project was a freely available mainboard design that
> would make use of the FCPU chip. That also has recently had a couple new posts
> to the mailing list after months of inactivity. The mailing list URL is
> http://www.egroups.com/group/f-mainboard.
> Open Design circuits (http://circu.its.tudelft.nl/) is a project that seems to
> want to create a freely available database of FPGA circuit designs. Their last
> News Update is 30 June 1998.
> OHSpec (Open Hardware Specification) is probably the project that Mr. Sokos was
> referring to. Their goals do seem to be the same as that of the netstation. I
> had an email exchange with the founder towards the beginning of the year and he
> said the project, at that time, was pretty much dead. He said he would be
> updating the website in the new year anyway. Their website is
> http://www.WPI.EDU/~free779/main.html. Their message board is at
> http://www.WPI.EDU/~free779/cgi-bin/start.webbbs.pl.cgi. There are some
> interesting tidbits there. The last post is the one I sent on 4 January 1999
> asking if OOMECS was something the OHSpec folks would be interested in. The
> previous post was from 13 September 1998.
> Which brings me to OOMECS (http://www.oomecs.org). Unlike the netstation
> (which I never saw anything about other than the blurb in the FAQ) and OHSpec,
> the general design is already complete and is patented (at least here in the
> United States). My goal is to use the patent the way the FSF uses the
> copyright system to produce CopyLeft. Although personal and work issues sprang
> up to keep me from working on the improved summary I mentioned on the site,
> after a relative finishes visiting this weekend I will be able to return my
> attentions to the improved presentation. As it stands, you can get an idea of
> what the architecture is about by first reading the introduction and then
> poking around in the technical details under the Software Group section.
> Finally, there are a number of very interesting open hardware links (amongst
> many interesting others) on Graham Seaman's open hardware page:
> http://www.scsise.wmin.ac.uk/~seamang/freehardware.html.
> I hope this helps.
> Erik Brown
> www.oomecs.org - a free (as in freedom) computer hardware/software architecture
> Mark Sokos (sokos.at.desupernet.net) wrote:
> >>>
> We are pretty much missing everything. The original netstation never did get
> beyond the design spec stage (no one could agree on what type of computer to
> build). Once I finally saw someone say they were getting close to actually
> making something, they never posted details and were never heard from again.
> Lately a bunch of people have been working on the open hardware project
> (whatever the heck its name is), which is the same basic idea as netstation
> (and its running into a lot of the same problems, when last I heard about it).
> I haven't heard any details lately, and I don't have the time to check up on it
> right now. They used to have a mailing list. I don't know if it is still
> active.
> Our good friend PRR says a web search should probably turn up something,
> hopefully an archive of the mailing list at least.
> - Mark Sokos (sokos.at.desupernet.net)
> <<<

-Wiglaf [IoStream]