Re: [ha] Hey

Dan McDaid (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 16:44:42 +0000

>I, too, am a software engineer, even though I have a BSEE (never worked
>in hardware, though; went directly into software after getting the
>and also enjoy dabbling in hardware (I have a reasonable "junk box" :-)
>Most of my software development is in C under Solaris and, unfortunately
>lately, NT :-), although I, too, am trying to get involved with PICs.
>I've got no problem working on the mains, as long as the breakers are
Well heres me.
I have got no qualifications apart from GCSE's. I'm just starting my A-
Level course so i'm a bit behind most of you.
I'm interested in home construction and automation. I dabble in a bit of
everything... i'm trying to learn more about interfacing to computers as
I'm not too familiar with it.. but i learn fast. I can grasp electronics
easily when i need to... but i do have trouble devising my own cirucits
that are complex although i can develop complex circuits... if u know
what i mean in a round about kind of way.
Mechanics and construction are my better points i suppose but as I
say... i'm dabbling in everything and this is ideal to learn a lot about
As a last note, I don't mind mains electricity, preferred with breakers
open but i'm not too worried if the circuits are live, as long as i have
my testing screwdriver. I've been shocked 3 or 4 times now... nothing to
be proud of, but just saying... i'm not worried by it so i can work
there easily.

I'm trying to learn PIC's although i can't get them... the books i read
seem to be a bit to complex for what i need to know... but i'm learning