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Philip Restuccia (
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 08:43:12 -0500 wrote:


> As there are so many of us now (over 50 at the last count), it might
> be a good idea for us to introduce ourselves. I'll start if you like:
> I'm mostly a software man, but I also enjoy dabbling with electronics.
> Almost all my programming is in C for Linux these days, but I sometimes
> resort to assembler for the 68HC11. I'm just getting interested in
> the PIC 16C84 and its smaller cousins. I'm OK at building stuff on
> breadboard and stripboard but not very good at mechanical stuff and not
> too confident playing with mains. I'm hoping that others can help me
> with those parts so I can play with the software:-)


I, too, am a software engineer, even though I have a BSEE (never worked
in hardware, though; went directly into software after getting the
and also enjoy dabbling in hardware (I have a reasonable "junk box" :-)
Most of my software development is in C under Solaris and, unfortunately
lately, NT :-), although I, too, am trying to get involved with PICs.

I've got no problem working on the mains, as long as the breakers are

Hope to be able to contribute to the list, although I'm just really
started with HA in force (I've been using X-10 for years, but have only
recently started to get *really* involved ... I've got an ActiveHome (2,
actually), some MS12As, some PalmPads (I think X-10's giveaways are
if somewhat hard on the wallet ... :-), and a Circuit Cellar HCSII).

Also, I'm hoping to be able to offer a somewhat different viewpoint on
as being deaf (my wife, too) I have somewhat different needs from the
typical HA user.


-- Philip Restuccia (