RE: [ha] CAN in Home Automation

Vermeulen Nic (
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 10:20:11 +0100

HA List, Lars,

We've recently talked about the possibility to use CAN as a backbone
network. There are however some issues that need to be worked out first.
One of our design objectives is to allow several access media options
(Powerline, RS485, RF...). Can CAN cope with that? Second, with my basic
knowledge of CAN, I know there's a lot of overhead, the packet lenght is
rather small, the maximum speed drops significantly in case of longer
lines lenghts and stubs are prohibited.
Assets are the very robust error detection, high noise immunity
(originally designed for the automotive environment) and there are
already numerous embedded processor types with build in CAN controller.
I've already browsed the net for more relevant CAN information & data
sheets (app. notes) but apart for some vendor specs, I haven't found
much explanation about the do's and dont's. Maybe Lars can show us the

Have fun