[ha] CAN in Home Automation

Lars Wictorsson (lars.at.lawicel.com)
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 16:18:00 +0100

Hello Group,

Just signed up to the group, this will be interesting!

Interesting to see that so many want to control their house
in some way or another and all comes to using a field bus.

Well, I have my plans of doing this my self (in our house)
and since I'm so devoted to CAN, I'm going to use CAN
as the bus system.

I do not know how much you know of CAN, but I have
worked with it since 1994 for industrial use to control
machines (distributed I/O) with our own tools and software.

I read all the e-mails to this list and see that some
has made suggsestions to use CAN and all of you
who needs more CAN knowledge or want's to know
it that can work with CAN etc. please ask and I will
try to answer them as much as I can.

I will post my "theory" how my Home Automation
will be with CAN (basically only) later.

So, until we hear again.


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Embedded hardware/software together with 8051/C16x and
smart distributed I/O with Controller Area Network (CAN).