[ha] Comments on recent postings

Michel & Donna Matteau (mitch.at.avana.net)
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 05:25:37 -0500

Hi y'all,

Glad to see we're getting lots of contributions. Let me add 2 (more) cents/pence...

WRT processors: I think as we get deeper into the design stages, the processor choices will sort themselves out, but I would like to think that we can make sure that any designs we come up with might be adaptable to other processor platforms. For instance, if someone comes out with a STAMP design, I'm 95% sure that I could modify it for use with a 68HC705 processor, or others could modify it for 68HC11 or 8x51. After all, these are all micro-controllers with serial and parallel input/output ports. The code mods should be straight-forward unless the original design required a specific capability of the processor selected. So, could I suggest that we go forward with an open mind to processors? I'm willing to volunteer to adapt whatever we come out with to whatever processor I happen to like at that time.

WRT PCB's vs wire-wrap: again, we have some flexibility. I'm sure there are some in this group that can manufacture their own PCB's. I'm also sure that there are some that have auto-routing CAD programs (I've got a simple one). As long as we make sure that Gerber files are posted along with schematics, then anyone can have PCB's made. If there are enough of us interested in a certain design, couldn't we just each chip in to have some boards made by a pro? Also, there is probably some entrepeneurial spirit somewhere in the group that would be interested in providing a kit of parts (including PCB and programmed EPROM/PAL/etc.) for a modest fee.

WRT GPL: I never saw a vote, but saw that it's use was seconded. For what it's worth, I vote for it. Let's keep everything in the public domain and managed by the GPL.

Lastly, a comment on what we could add to the "Gee, I wish it could do this" list: as I run around the house this morning resetting clocks to Daylight Saving Time (I'm in the US), I sure would like a module or interface that would manage consistency in time for the dozens of digital clocks that I have in the house. I've resorted lately to using caller-id boxes scattered around the house for that since they, at least, are synchronized to the local telephone switch clock. Only problem is their displays are too small to be seen from far away. Oh well, I'll design a CID box one of these days with just a big clock display on it...

Cheers to all,