Re: [ha] Goals (long)

Loi X Tran (!)
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 17:54:56 -0500

> I'd suggest wire-wrap but I worked with it in a design laborartory for
> a few evil years coding and debugging logic circuits. No wire-wrap,
> please. :-{)

I don't think wire-wrapping is that bad myself. I wouldn't mind doing

> > The line gets more blurred the closer you get to hardware though. One of
> > Rick's suggestions was to use the BASIC Stamp controller. Because I
> > don't have the source to its innards, I'm wary. But go another step to
> > the 68HC11, which I use all the time, and I'm quite happy, even though I
> > don't have the microcode it runs. I suppose it comes to a point where
> > I can't imagine wanting to redesign what's inside, and at that point
> > I'm happy to buy it off the shelf.
> The Stamp was a suggestion to leverage a pretty generally
> available processor. I'm comfortable in any iteration up or down to
> agree upon a 'level of propriety' above which we won't go.
> More later.

I prefer the 8X51's myself, and I haven't even done that much
with it. I work in the division of a company who uses Motorala HC11's
and I just never developed a fondness for it. I'll say that it IS quite
versatile and very efficient, but then so is the Dallas' version of the
8X51's. And you NEVER run out of places where you can find one if
manufacturer happens to obselete a part. I've only been able to
2 companies that even make the 68hc11's (Motorola and Toshiba). I'm
there's a few others but I've only seen these two go through our

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