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The Home Brew Home Automation Project is a group of people working to produce specifications for hobbyists to build and extend a complete control system with inexpensive and non-proprietary parts and protocols.

We conduct our discussions by email through a mailing list.


To join the list, send the message
to ha-request.at.ha.ro.nu. You will automatically receive instructions for posting to the list.

Because one of the goals is to have a completely open system, please note that membership of the list is conditional on your acceptance of the list's copyright and distribution policy. This states that all your posts become the copyright of the Home Brew Home Automation Project, which guarantees open access to all data submitted under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

The GPL is designed to protect the freedom of authors to build on each others' work by ensuring that anyone who distributes the work, modified or unmodified, commercially or privately, is obliged to pass on all relevant source code and data as well, and to impose the same conditions on the recipients. This prevents an existing project being turned in to a proprietary one.

Do not post confidential or proprietary information to the list unless you are the owner of that information and have the authority to place the information under terms of the GPL.

Learning More

Before contributing your ideas, you may like to review some of the posts already sent to the list. These are archived by date and archived by subject. You can also visit our main web site, http://ha.ro.nu/, where our official publications and various on-going contributions are kept.


All contributions are welcome.

The best way to contribute is to participate in the list. But if you just have comments on the ideas you see here, feel free to email the list maintainer, ha-owner.at.ha.ro.nu. These will not be published without your permission.

When sending to the list, please send only plain text files. Not everyone will be able to read other formats. If you have attachments you would like others to see, please make them available by ftp or http, or send them to ha-owner.at.ha.ro.nu. Try to choose a format which will be widely understood to maximise your audience.

When replying to the list, remember that everyone else has already received a copy of the article to which you are replying, so you need only quote enough old material to give the context for your reply. If you need to draw attention to a whole article, look for it in the archive and include a reference to it.

Any difficulties?

The mailing list is run automatically by Majordomo. You can perform most routine list maintenance operations yourself; send the message
to ha-request.at.ha.ro.nu for a list of commands that Majordomo understands.

If you need further assistance, please contact the list maintainer, ha-owner.at.ha.ro.nu.


To leave the list, send the message
to ha-request.at.ha.ro.nu.

Copyright and Distribution

Copyright of the messages posted to the list is held by the respective posters. Permission is granted to copy and distribute these messages under the GNU General Public Licence.
Home Brew Home Automation Project. ha-owner.at.ha.ro.nu