Re: [ha] wired home network using CAN

Lars Wictorsson (
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 07:36:51 +0200


> >
> >(so we CAN "lovers" meet here too ;-) )
> As soon as we convince these users to go with CAN, we
> can complete our evil plan of taking over the world...(oops,
> did that go out to everybody?.....)

Now you have ruin our plan... ;-)


> >This new node will be using the SJA1000, but I'm also waiting
> >for the first samples of the Microchip standalone CAN
> >controller MCP2510 or something like that. It is an SPI
> >18pin SOIC CAN controller.
> Can you build something cheaper and smaller than a C505C?
> The C505C is my choice for the smaller projects from now
> on but I'm still using a number of HC11's with the 82527.

Not cheaper than just the C505CA, but that is OTP and a bit
of problem when you want to upgrade for newer stuff. It will
be in the same price range as adding a WSI to the C505C, but
smaller and probably cheaper. I tell you more later in 2-3 weeks.

> >With CAN it is also possible to run things like "intercom"
> >from one are in the house to the other,
> I have been thinking about that. An intercom with an LCD
> and a CAT-5 cable running voice and CAN and power. You
> plug in any number of nodes and they annouce themselves
> to the rest. When you want to use the intercom, you just choose
> the name from the list and talk. Could also imploy an open
> mic to receive voice commands.

Yupp, my thoughts too.

> also have smart nodes
> >that operate for them self and send out info. e.g. an temp-
> >sensor can send out (without asking) the temp each second
> >and the CAN bus fic that with priority it self. then the
> >nodes who are interesting in that temp value catch that
> >message and use it, one could be a PC logging temperatures,
> >another a simple LCD for looking at the temp, another controling
> >heaters etc. CAN is very easy to deal with once you get
> >hang of it.
> Well said. I think the key is to having some sort of open protocol
> that allows you to add any device to the network. What you do with
> that device will be up to the individual nodes that are smart
> enough to do something useful.


> I was thinking about adding a section to my web site that outlines
> my system and providing some downloadable protocol specs.

Great, let me know when you are done :-)

> I am willing to provide some programming and documentation
> and some circuit boards to this endeavour.

Dito, I think if my new board with CAN (not the C505C and WSI)
will be an inexpensive solution and easy to use. I can provide
some of them to those who like to test CAN.


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