[ha] OK. OK. So a lot of people like CAN

John Mullan (jmullan.at.cgocable.net)
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 21:05:12 -0400

You've convinced me that CAN can be good. And likely it can do the job of

There has been a lot of mention about using it with hard-wired
installations. That's all well and good but to fit our original model, we
can't rely strickly on hard-wiring. Some of it has to be IR, some has to
be RF and some has to be power-line carrier.

I'm going to look into using CAN via a PIC micro and their CAN interface
chip. Surely we can add IR/RF/PL to the other side of the chip, not just

This will be a good step in the hardware direction. Since I work my job
quite a bit, it could take a couple of weeks for me to get one of those CAN
chips and play around a bit. If anybody else has some hardware/software
stuff in this line please direct it my way so I can have a peek at it.

John Mullan