[ha] wired home network using CAN

Steve Letkeman (zanthic.at.zanthic.com)
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 14:52:03 -0600

Hi All,

It's been so long since I subscribed to this mailing list
that I'm not exactly sure what it's focus is on so if this
thread is out of line than let me know.
There is talk about power line modems, X10 and RS-485
but I want to open another thread, and that is the use of
CAN for hardwired home control. I am currently using X10
for a few lights and find it just to slow and unreliable. I
don't mind running wires if it gives me crisp response and
reliability. RS-485 is a good choice because any micro
can run an RS-485 port but since I spend all my professional
time developing CAN devices, I'm very biased at this point.
For those that don't know what CAN is, it stands for
Controller Area Network and is a hardware device that
is added to a number of micro's (internally or externally)
that provides very, very robust communication over
twisted pair cabling at speeds up to 1Mbps (40m max).
The hardware looks after all the transfer of information,
leaving the fun stuff for the user. This significantly reduces
the software needed compared to RS-485 and allows
a multi-master system. There are a number of low cost
CAN micros including the Siemens C505C and various
Motorola HC05's HC08's etc.
I already have a number of CAN nodes running in my
house monitoring and controlling various devices so I'm
not really looking to start an argument over whether
CAN should be used Vs. RS-485 because both have
various pro's and con's, rather, this is a long winded
attempt to find out if anybody is interested in developing
a CAN based, open spec'd, home automation system.


Steve Letkeman
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