Re: [ha] I've sparked some interest.....

Dan McDaid (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 23:29:20 +0100

In message <>, John Mullan
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>Glad to see I've awoken people. I really want to see something concrete
>develop here (as I'm sure everyone does).
>Perhaps there could be some volunteers to head up various aspects (various
>hardware parts and parts of the protocol).
>I agree with Robin and others that a multi-medium system is the way to go.
>As I previously mentioned, I will design and build some hardware if someone
>can tell me a good circuit for coupling to the mains. This is the only
>knowledge I lack and nobody is giving it away for free on the net. Mr.
>McDaid has promised to try and find something from Philips and I hope he
Please.... its Dan. I'm onto the philips... actually I think someone has
posted the part numbers for the Philips and the SGS-Thompson IC's that I
checked out when I looked at it. I'll take a look at the datasheets
again and recap my thoughts at the time (which one I preferred)

>sends it for all to peruse!! As soon as I receive something I can build
>upon, I will keep everybody informed and share my results.
>While I'm not strong in creating multi-master protocols, I would love to
>offer some input when one begins developing. It may be more beneficial if
>the protocol allowed multiple masters as well as slaves. To this end, a
>two way communications is likely a necessity, if even just for the slave to
>acknowledge. Repeated "no acknowledge" means failure.
>John Mullan