[ha] I've sparked some interest.....

John Mullan (jmullan.at.cgocable.net)
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 17:59:33 -0400

Glad to see I've awoken people. I really want to see something concrete
develop here (as I'm sure everyone does).

Perhaps there could be some volunteers to head up various aspects (various
hardware parts and parts of the protocol).

I agree with Robin and others that a multi-medium system is the way to go.

As I previously mentioned, I will design and build some hardware if someone
can tell me a good circuit for coupling to the mains. This is the only
knowledge I lack and nobody is giving it away for free on the net. Mr.
McDaid has promised to try and find something from Philips and I hope he
sends it for all to peruse!! As soon as I receive something I can build
upon, I will keep everybody informed and share my results.

While I'm not strong in creating multi-master protocols, I would love to
offer some input when one begins developing. It may be more beneficial if
the protocol allowed multiple masters as well as slaves. To this end, a
two way communications is likely a necessity, if even just for the slave to
acknowledge. Repeated "no acknowledge" means failure.

John Mullan