[ha] SNAP free network protocol

Robert Zachrisson (Robert.Zachrisson.at.buller.se)
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 22:32:44 +0100

Just joined, so here's my first contribution.

Me and two friends have just developed a network protocol for HA.
We call it SNAP.

We developed it for self use, but decided to make it freely available, so that any HA enthusiast can benifit.
You can find it on my friends web site.

SNAP:s features are:

- Easy to learn, use and implement.
- Free and open network protocol.
- Scaleable binary protocol with small overhead.
- Requires minimal MCU resources to implement.
- Up to 16.7 million node addresses.
- Up to 24 protocol specific flags.
- Optional ACK/NAK request.
- Optional command mode.
- 8 different error detecting methods (Checksum, CRC, FEC etc.).
- Can be used in master/slave and/or peer-to-peer.
- Supports broadcast messages.
- Media independent (power line, RF, TP, IR etc.).
- Works with simplex, half-, full- duplex links.
- Header is scaleable from 3-12 bytes.
- User specified number of preamble bytes (0-n).
- Works with synchronous and asynchronous communication.
- Works with our free PLM-24 <-> TCP/IP Gateway software.

And there's more for free..

The S.N.A.P Protocol Encoder/Decoder DLL is a 32-bit Windows DLL and
can be used with VB, VC, Delphi or any other programming language that
is capable to call DLL's. This tool will minimize the time needed to
implement S.N.A.P in your own HA application programs as well as
giving you statistic functions and the possibility to spy on all
network traffic! Included in the ZIP-file are a few simple program examples
for Microsoft Visual Basic.

The complete S.N.A.P network protocol specification and the
beta version of S.N.A.P Encoder/Decoder DLL can be downloaded


I hope you will find this useful.
Happy networking.

Best Regards from Robert Zachrisson ,Sweden