[ha] Protocols, derivative works and amplification

Mon, 19 Oct 1998 10:15:45 -0700

You wrote:
> Again, this should not be the only protocol, and
> not the only available network.

That's a given with the modularity we've already given this beast. <grin>
We should also either adopt or modify the GPL concept so that derivative works
of our work also retain the non-proprietary nature of our efforts.

> I noticed we have a insider aboard (Welcome Rich). If (I said IF) Lucent
> release their specs, we can all benefit from them.

Only in that my paycheck and business card and ID badge have the Innovation
Ring on them. (Did you know that that's what the circle is called?) WRT my
work product, it is pretty much limited to electronic commerce with the buyers
of our ICs. I do know that the new Lucent Homewire agreement somewhere noted
that they were adhering in many respects to Tut Systems' offerings. We may want to
have a look there. Other than that, my involvement with Lucent's home automation
efforts are limited to cheerleading.

> I also noticed that there is some misconception about what this 'beast'
> must do. Controlling lightning/ appliances/ security/ heating is already
> a though nut but this appears to be a unity. I think it would be logical
> to control these from one CPU. But maybe, I see this wrong?

I don't understand this question.