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Ric (
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 05:37:31 -0500

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I think the 'automation' should be some sort of 'programming' that
can be performed by the owner/user of the system.. something simple
like IF THEN or graphical 'block ware' approach.

As far as protocols.. a decent, scalable transport protocol can be
looked at at And, keeping compatible with other
'systems', the application protocol could be the Home Plug and Play
or HomePnP protocol.

As mentioned in previous posts, I think not requiring a PC is a
good idea, however, they are simple(sometimes) and flexible. And who
doesn't have an older extra one lying around the house. (why reinvent
the wheel).. Once system development has been 'completed' the PC could
be replaced by an SBC.

I have envisioned a system that would utilize an old PC running
DOS(simple) and dumb i/o on an RS422 bus using the PC serial port.
My vision includes using the available X10 modules for power interface
(again, why re-invent the wheel). X10 control being performed via a
device on the RS 422 bus. The dumb i/o is just that.. easy to design,
build, and utilize. Each device should have addressing capability
and provide an identification code telling the system what it is.
As units are designed, software for their utilization would be
'plugged' into the new system. A sort of Object Declaration file.

The 2nd serial port could be used for interface to the main home PC
for trending, totalization, alarming, programming, etc..

My 1.5 cents worth..

Rick Miller

Loi X Tran wrote:
> Michel & Donna Matteau wrote:
> >
> > Here's my 2 cents worth...
> >
> > Let's start with a functional description (ie, what do we want this beast (these beasts) to do?). The standards can start to roll from there.
> >
> > Any discussions about processors and protocol need to be worked out once we know what we are trying to build.
> >
> > How can we keep a running list of "Gee, I wish I could do this..." type request? Can someone start some sort of web page for this?
> >
> > As the list fleshes out, we can then start to look at *how* we get the beast to do what is needed.
> >
> > Sorry to be so pragmatic. It comes from years of specifying products for other engineers.
> >
> > Mitch
> Here's my I understand from the initial proposal. The system is
> basically used to
> automate electrical devices in the house. When I think of electrical,
> I'm thinking
> of every electrical appliance and/or electrical system. Someone stop me
> if I
> start to make a fool out of myself, but this to me would also include
> the AC, the
> electrical breaker box and a few other high voltage systems that I don't
> feel too
> comfortable about using a system to control.
> The system would be centrally operated, but the control system would be
> modular and
> independent of the central control, right? My question is this. How
> much automation
> would be involved? How sophistocated would the automation be? This is
> where the
> protocal would come in.
> If someone could maybe post a protocol that's already been define, maybe
> there would
> be some direction we could all head towards.
> I hope I'm not hogging up the discussion here.
> Loi