[ha] First post

Wed, 14 Oct 1998 18:58:39 +0100

Zeb wrote:
> .. I already had some suggestions for a public listserver.
> Sounds good, but I don't have any experience with it. I also add a list
> with people who are interested.

I've set up a Majordomo list server (mailto:ha.at.swan.ml.org) and web page
to access the archived posts (http://ha.ro.nu/). I haven't subscribed
anybody to the list; you must subscribe yourself by sending the word
subscribe to ha-request.at.swan.ml.org. On a Unix machine:
echo subscribe | mail ha-request.at.swan.ml.org
You will then get a welcome message and some instruction from the server.

I have written a reply to Zeb's first post, but I'll hold off sending it
for a few days until everyone who wants to has joined the list.


R.M.O'Leary <robin.at.acm.org> +44 7010 7070 44, PO Box 20, Swansea SA2 8YB, UK